Ties are cropped in Teplice, where visited by Zbrojovka Brno. Everything important has happened already in the first half. On the leading goal Filla said yourself home unhappy patriot.

The first major chance to get perhaps a little surprising guests. Zbrojovka but as in the 14th, and after 17 minutes the ball into the net nepropasírovala. First excelled against ZAVADILOVÁ Primak Grigar and three minutes later the home disarm defensive Jakub Reznicek. Teplice successfully defend and immediately Goal for themselves. Martin Fillo decided to take everything on his responsibility and succeeded. Handsome individual events got himself into the match, which overcame goalkeeper Melichárek.

Teplice's long leadership of rejoicing, right in the 34th minute when defending the Patriots scored hapless defender Tomas Vondrášek. Domestic wanted to take the lead back immediately, but Vaněček hit the gate. On Stínadlech it played an offensive game, viewers who have found a way to Teplice Stadium certainly did not regret it.

Especially after the offensive when the fun continued after the change of sides. After Nivaldově přistrčení dangerously burned Kucera and a moment later doklepl into the net Nivaldův Vaněček attempt, but was offside. Vaněček attacker was seen in the following minutes, but the goal as it would have been jinxed.

The match then went slowly and surely toward the end of wavering. Brno in the final minutes even sensed a chance after Olansunjanmiho opportunities wonder then that Vondráček gave vlastňáka, and after a shot had hit Grigar damage. The match eventually ended in a draw 1: 1st