It's a loss that hurts us. On the other hand, it is still up to us and we have it in their hands. I believe that the three remaining matches can handle. Do you remember the championship season two years ago? Then you've also stumbled Slavia. But when the match looked very different.

Even 88 minutes we had two zero and eventually we just tied. If we win the title this time, so I say that perhaps we Slavia want to end the season. Plzen match versus Slavia in video coverage, the goal Damage Why have you lost? Slavia played tactically the decent match. Although he has long played without the excluded Juhar and had well-organized defense. Chances we created enough ... But luck, as in some previous games, this time we did not.

And moreover Slavia played really well. She was motivated, as if playing the World Cup. When the team stays together, so next season will play a big role in the league. Just a pity that they did not catch up after our match. You believed until the end that will not lose? Yes, I believed that we give at least one goal. So it just goes. Sometimes you put a goal out of nowhere, but sometimes you can fight until the 94th minute and nothing.

I can not criticize the players, they would not want to win. The match has affected the red card for Juhar. You're standing quite close. As you saw the moment? I'm not a referee or delegate. If there was contact, so the exclusion right. In my opinion there was something, but I have seen it on television. In football, some situations may look like in real life, and otherwise from the record that you can stop, slow down or let go again. Slavia then pulled. Played paradoxically worse? I do not like the word "if". But it is clear that Slavia would be more active if playing eleven.