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Saturday, February 4 2017

Group title: Plzeň - Dukla Prague 25:29

It would be interesting, up and down. But it can not say exactly how the match seemed. It was just like that. Slavia played weakening Dukla better than that here in Pilsen was also a long time in ten? The difference was that Slavia led one zero. The match was different. You had a lot of clubs. Why

How significant is this loss?

It's a loss that hurts us. On the other hand, it is still up to us and we have it in their hands. I believe that the three remaining matches can handle. Do you remember the championship season two years ago? Then you've also stumbled Slavia. But when the match looked very different. Even 88 minutes

The scene was rarely seen in the first half of the league game

Pilsen to České Budějovice (3: 2). In the boiler the home fans jostled among themselves, captain Pavel Horváth even toward ... České Budějovice fans provoked the indignation of Pilsen football players in Friday's match Premier League (3: 2). From an initial pressure homemade worked many a chance,

Olympic tournament in Sochi next year probably again

Be held with the participation of the biggest stars of world hockey. This follows from the observations head of the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF ... In the thirtieth minute but this member Triple Gold Club (Stanley Cup winner, Olympic Games and World Championships) hit an empty goal, a

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